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Terms & Conditions

Maximum Weight & Size 

Zain Courier may, in its sole and absolute discretion, not accept or refuse to provide service in connection with any Package or item: weighing more than £150; or more than 108 inches in length; or more than 165 inches of combined length and thickness. Length is the longest side of the package or item. Perimeter is the distance around a parcel or item at its widest point that is perpendicular to its length. Packages or items of irregular shape must be treated as if they were in a rectangular box for measurement purposes. Packages offered for such transport may include additional fees, including additional fees for large shipments.

Limitation of Liability of Zain Courier

An additional fee must be paid to Zain Courier if the shipper wishes to receive coverage for a declared value of more than 185 AED per shipment. However, Declared Hedging does not protect late or late deliveries: the maximum declared value for a shipment is 3800 AED, in which case the Zain Courier’s maximum liability is 3800 AED. However, all jewellery shipments (excluding jewellery) are limited to a maximum stated value of 1900 AED per shipment.